The Bug and KMRU Announce Album, Share New Song “Differ”

Kevin Richard Martin, aka the Bug, has joined forces with Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, for a new album as KRM & KMRU. The electronic musicians will release Disconnect, via Phantom Limb, on June 14, and you can listen to the single “Differ” below.

In press materials, Martin said he became aware of the Kenyan ambient musician when watching the 2020 KMRU documentary Under the Bridge: “Aside from immediately finding Joseph’s approach to sound and music so instantly impressive, I also found his spoken voice possessed a captivating, lilting, tonal quality, with his soft-spoken accent.”

A collaboration was born, and Martin asked Kamaru to contribute vocals. Kamaru added, “The album originated from an exploration of a text I wrote during my sound art studies, delving into the complexities of Otherness. The project served as a response to Audre Lorde’s idea that differences should be embraced as a dynamic force within humanity, rather than a perceived threat.”

The album will be followed by an EP, Otherness, made in the same sessions.


01 Differences
02 Arkives
03 Difference
04 Ark
05 Differ
06 Arcs