Soccer Mommy, Frankie Cosmos, Tim Heidecker, and More Playing Abortion Access Benefit Concerts

Ground Control Touring has announced its second annual abortion access benefit concert series, which takes place on the same night in cities across the United States It’s dubbed “A Night of Music in Support of Abortion Funds, Community, & Bodily Autonomy,” and it takes place January 20 in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Nashville. All of proceeds from the shows go to Noise for Now, which allocates the funds to local independent abortion clinics and abortion funds in each region.

Participating artists include Soccer Mommy, Frankie Cosmos, Tim Heidecker, KeiyaA, Whitney (who are covering the strokes under the name Is This Whit), Osees’ John Dwyer, Nourished by Time, Shannon Lay, MSPaint, Frances Quinlan, Snõõper, Blondshell, Reggie Watts, Sextile, Noia, Florry, Radiator Hospital, and many more. Find a poster for the series, as well as Ground Control Touring’s official playlist, below.