September 24, 2022


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NMA demands justice as patient’s relative injures doctor

The Nigerian Medical Association, Bauchi State Branch, has condemned the attack with an axe on one of its members, the Principal Medical Officer in charge of Misau General hospital in the state, Dr. Mohammed Sani, by an uncle to a woman who delivered a child at the hospital.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference held on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Bauchi State Branch, Dr. Adamu Sambo, said that the man hacked the doctor with an axe in an attempt to kill him over the treatment of his niece.

He said that the woman was rushed to the Misau General Hospital for her first delivery but developed complications and had to be operated upon.

“What happened was that a patient came to the facility, I think either referred from a private facility or they came on their own, on an account of prolonged labour. This woman is having her labour for the first time, but they concealed the information that she had convulsed, that is, she has fitted in a facility she was referred from.

“When she was examined, they realized that her baby’s head was already in the perineum and that she lacked the maternal efforts to push the baby out for delivery. So, they decided to shorten the second stage of labour through the use of assisted vaginal delivery.

“After the delivery of the baby using forceps delivery, the woman had a small tear which was to enable her to deliver the baby. The woman was bleeding from the tear, they took her to the theatre and repaired the tear but the bleeding persisted, so they took a decision to explore more to see whether the tear extended upwards into the uterus.

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“They did that and realized that the tear did not even extend up to the uterus, they closed the woman and started managing her. But her condition was not good enough, she was bleeding after she had fitted and they realized that she had a condition which is called Eclampsia and one of the complications of that is that the. Women will start bleeding from other places,” he narrated.

He added that as a result, they transfused the woman’s blood and stabilized her and placed her on oxygen before later referring her to the Federal Medical Center, Azare, Katagum LGA of the state, where she is currently receiving treatment and recuperating.

Sambo said that the suspect, who is now in Police custody, stormed the Misau General hospital before she was transferred to the FMC, Azare, with an axe and attacked the doctor.

He wondered why the doctor who did not even participate in the handling of the case would be hacked by the younger brother of the woman’s father with the intention of killing him.

The NMA Chairman said: “On the 8th of July, 2022, Dr. Mohammed Sani, who is the Principal Medical Officer in charge of General Hospital, Misau, was attacked by a patient relative with an axe with an intent to kill him. We condemn this act. This act is barbaric and unacceptable in the medical profession.

“Whatever the grievances, these grievances should have been addressed in a lawful way rather than taking laws into the hands of that very individual.

“This individual came, he took a member who did not even participate fully in the management of the relation of this person in question and came with a very sharp object, an axe and stabbed the doctor four times. He is presently undergoing treatment, he’s on sick leave, while we await his recovery.

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“The suspect has been apprehended and is already in Police custody. The case has been referred from Misau to the State CID, here.”