Cassie Sues Sean “Diddy” Combs for Sexual Assault

Another claim in the lawsuit is that Diddy had Cassie’s medical records forwarded to his email address, including an MRI she received due to memory loss. The memory loss, the lawsuit asserts, may have been the result of extensive drug use or due to head injuries caused by Diddy. Cassie claims that “multiple times each year,” Diddy beat her and left bruises on her body. One alleged incident in January 2009 occurred when, according to the lawsuit, Diddy learned that Cassie had spoken to another music manager in an effort to grow her career. Diddy is accused of pulling the singer out of the club, and, in the car, “stomping on her face.” She claims the event left her “terrified, isolated, and unable to see a pathway out of Mr. Combs’ abusive hold on her life.”

Sex trafficking is among the allegations listed in the lawsuit, which refers to claims that Diddy directed Cassie to perform sexual acts with sex workers at hotels around the country. “Ms. Ventura was given ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and alcohol in excessive amounts” during these occasions, the lawsuit notes. She also accused him of filming these instances and occasionally of physically assaulting her.

During a fallout with Combs in 2011, Cassie began a brief relationship with Kid Cudi. The lawsuit claims that, in February 2012, Diddy told Cassie that he was going to blow up Kid Cudi’s car. Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway around that time. Through a spokeswoman, Kid Cudi corroborated Cassie’s account to The New York Times. “This is all true,” he said.

In 2016, Cassie says, she tried to leave a hotel room while Diddy slept and that he responded by chasing, yelling, and throwing glass vases at her. She claims she was later contacted by Bad Boy Management and Sony Music, who said her single would be withheld if she didn’t answer Diddy’s calls. The lawsuit also outlines Cassie’s claim that Diddy raped her in September 2018. Cassie claims in the lawsuit that Diddy’s sexual and physical abuse caused lifelong harm.

Formally, Cassie is suing Diddy for sex trafficking, sexual assault, sexual battery, violating New York’s gender-motivated violence law, and more.

When reached by Pitchfork, representatives for Diddy shared the following statement from the musician’s attorney, Ben Brafman: