September 24, 2022


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BC: N396 Billion Jackpot up for Grabs in US Mega Millions this Friday, Nigerians can Play Draw Online

The higher the jackpot, the greater the interest in playing the world’s most popular lottery. Here is how you can get official Mega Millions tickets online from your home in Nigeria.

It seems that everyone wants to play the US Mega Millions lottery these days and this is easy to understand. Mega Millions has been a household name across the globe ever since it awarded a record US$1.5 billion jackpot in October 2018.

This week, Mega Millions is offering a US$630 million jackpot (equivalent to ₦ 396 billion) and the draw will take place on July, 22 2021. While not yet a new world record, the $630 million jackpot makes other lottery prizes pale in comparison.

If there are no winners of the Mega Millions jackpot in the upcoming draw, the prize money will roll over and the jackpot will continue to grow. Abysayo Nagisa,’s spokesman, shares: “In January this year, lottery fans across the globe held their breath when it seemed the Mega Millions jackpot was on track to break its all-time record of US$1.58 billion. In the end, a US$730 million jackpot was won on 20 January 2021 by a single ticket purchased in Maryland.”

Nagisa adds: “Who knows how high the current jackpot will grow? On the other hand, the US$630 million prize could be won in this week’s draw.”

Until now, residents of Nigeria may have been jealous of American lottery fans, who could purchase Mega Millions tickets in person. Luckily, there is no need for you to travel to the United States to purchase tickets. You, too, can participate in Mega Millions draws by playing online with, the leading lottery ticket messenger service in the world.

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$277 million jackpot is up for grabs in US Mega Millions this Wednesday; Nigerians can play the draw online

Here’s how you could win a $277 million jackpot playing online from Nigeria:
1. Sign up at
2. Select the Mega Millions lottery
3. Choose 5 numbers (from 1-69) on the playing form
4. Choose 1 ‘Mega Millions’ number (from 1-26) in the orange field on the form
5. Confirm your ticket purchase has launched a special site for Nigerians,, where you can purchase a minimum of 1 line for a cost of 4.19 Euros! Nigerians who buy their official Mega Millions tickets online at, participate in the draw under the same conditions as if they were buying their tickets in the United States, with the exact same chances of winning the jackpot.

$630 million jackpot is up for grabs in US Mega Millions this Friday; Nigerians can play the draw online

What happens next? is a lottery ticket messenger service and uses local agents in the United States to buy official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers from all over the world. A small surcharge is added to ticket prices to cover the cost of this service. After being purchased, each ticket is scanned and uploaded to a customer’s account before the draw. With this scanned version of the ticket and email confirmation, customers can rest assured that they have full ownership of their tickets.

And when you win from Nigeria?
If you are lucky enough to win, your prize will be transferred to your secure, private account and you can withdraw it at any time. The good news is that does not take any commissions from winning tickets (lottery prizes are subject to tax deductions in the United States).

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If you win a lottery jackpot, however, you may need to travel to the lottery’s offices to collect the prize money yourself. In this case, a lawyer provided to you by free of charge will assist you in the win collection process.

Portfolio of winners
Over the years, has paid out millions in prizes to over 6 million winners from across the globe. The biggest winners at the site include a woman from Panama who won $30 million playing the Florida Lotto, and a man from Iraq who won a $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot.

These lucky winners have one thing in common. They all purchased their winning tickets online at

When is the next draw?
What would you do with an extra $277 million in your life? Think about it, but don’t wait too long because the next draw will take place on Friday, 22 July.

It is totally possible that the winner of Mega Millions’s incredible $630 million jackpot will be a resident of Nigeria. With a little luck, you could win the jackpot if you purchase official Mega Millions tickets online at

For more information how to play Mega Millions online from Nigeria, please visit
$630 million jackpot is up for grabs in US Mega Millions this Friday; Nigerians can play the draw online
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