October 6, 2022


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BC: If Your Child Isn’t Learning Robotics; What Are They Learning?

Robotics is the conception, design, construction and control of robots to assist humans in achieving a wide range of tasks. For us today, it has found its way into almost every aspect of living, and for our children in the future that is fast approaching – it will be indispensable. There are many more reasons why if your children are not getting acquainted with robotics and artificial intelligence, they should begin right away.

Children find it fun

Kids are excited when they see non-human moving objects. If you have been near any, you would have observed their joy and obsession with certain toys. Robotics multiplies this joy many times over by inviting them to create their own robots. It is a perfect platform to engage their creativity to the full and help them interact with the world.

It is learning like no other

Children like fun, but they need learning, and very few things mix these two, like robotics. To conceive of something they want to build and then the creativity of imagining that they will not just have what they have made, but it will interact with them is fascinating. It is so exciting that it provides all the needed determination for the child to go through the hard part of the building. In the end, it is some serious learning sandwiched between so much fun and anticipation.

Robotics helps to sustain and enlarge their original dreams

The dreams of your children are nurtured by their everyday experiences. The richer these experiences, the healthier their dreams are. When children are not exposed to suitable environments to keep their dreams of becoming inventors, magicians, princesses, and astronauts, they can lose or exchange them for the ordinary. Engaging your child with Robotics and artificial intelligence early will expand their imagination and empower them to sustain and build on their original dreams.

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Robotics is the key to providing lasting solutions to endemic problems

Africa has been home to many issues and challenges that have defied enduring solutions, and Robotics opens up a new window of solutions. Introducing our kids to this discipline will sharpen their creative, critical, and problem-solving skills, challenging them to create robotic solutions to real-life problems and applications.

There is so much more

This page is not long enough to tell all the benefits of introducing your child to robotics. How it helps the proper development of the brain and mind, fosters healthy competition, and instils a sense of purpose, but it is a start. Visit our website today at www.roboticsafrica.org or call +234 803 947 1950 for more information about robotics in Africa, find actual programmes that your child can begin and get resources for schools and organisations.