1010Benja Announces Debut Album, Shares Video for New Song “Peacekeeper”

1010Benja returned last month with the single “H2HaveYou.” The Tulsa-born musician has now announced his debut album: Ten Total is out March 22 via Three Six Zero Recordings. The new album features “H2HaveYou” and the new song “Peacekeeper.” Watch the music video for the latter track below.

1010Benja—who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and formerly used the moniker 1010 Benja SL—made a name for himself with the 2017 single “Boofiness.” The next year, he released his Two Houses EP, and another EP, Three Times, followed in 2021.

Check out the 2020 Rising interview “1010 Benja SL Makes Strange Soul Music to Match His Unbelievable Life.”

Ten Total:

01 Looking Out
02 Peacekeeper
04 Twin
05 Even Flow
06 Mire
07 Penta
08 I Can
09 Waterworks
10 Voudoun